Hope International Ministries


We are a member church of Hope International Ministries (HIM). HIM is a disciple making & church planting movement currently in over 120 locations across 6 continents.

Hope of God churches started in Thailand in 1981. Since then, many seemingly ordinary men and women have caught the vision to do the extraordinary for God in extending the frontiers of His Kingdom. Each one bears the same heartbeat to reach people with Christ’s transforming love by planting seed churches wherever they go. In 1989, the first church outside Thailand was planted.

Through the course of time, seed churches were planted in neighbouring Asian cities and also in different countries across various continents. These international churches banded together and became known as Hope of God International (HGI).

In 2009, HGI was re-named Hope International Ministries (HIM). A contemporary approach was taken when we embarked on this change – reflecting our past strengths and embracing our future with the centrality of Christ as our foundation. Hence, we are aptly named HIM.

Our new name embraces a prevailing sense of global community that has been growing over the last two decades. We are trusting God’s Spirit to lead us into a new era of ministry!

Today, we are in over 120 locations across the world. Our churches are composed of people from diverse ethic groups and cultures, all worshipping and serving God while enjoying meaningful relationships with one another.

As a family of churches, we share a spiritual heritage of commitment to help each other fulfill the Great Commission by actively planting churches in all over the world.

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) Malaysia


The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) Malaysia was birthed in trying and testing times.

Although the divisions, dissipation of meagre resources and the lack of a credible, united evangelical voice were matters of concern to some Christian leaders, it was not until certain constraints arose that the NECF was precipitated into being. These constraints were the partial banning of Malay Language Bible (since 1981 only Christians are allowed to purchase and own one), the limiting of the number of sites for worship which affected the status of independent churches and the outlawing of public gatherings of five or more people.

Thus it was that in May 1983 the NECF was duly formed.