In HOPE Kids, we believe in partnership of the 4 key people to impact the next generation – Father, Mother, Children’s leader and the Child.


Our Kite Model describes the 5 relationships to disciple the next generation.


  • Red-line Connection is the husband-wife relationship. We facilitate marriage preparation, marriage enrichment for parents in this crucial redline relationship.
  • Maroon-line Connection is the father-child relationship. We emphasize the strong leadership of father as head of the family.
  • Pink-line Connection is the mother-child relationship. We value the tender work of mothering. We support this through our parenting preparation and parenting courses.
  • Yellow-line Connection is the leader-child relationship. We invest big in discipleship of the next generation, preparing them for our Youth/Student Ministries.
  • Orange-line Connection is the parent-leader relationship. We honor the often neglected partnership of the family and church to teach and speak the same thing to our next generation.