Hope Kuala Lumpur (Hope KL) is part of Hope International Movement with a vibrant and dynamic passion in serving God with every God-given gift possible! We hold on strongly to the Word of God and we strive to fulfil the Great Commission, which is to raise Christ-centred disciples and build strong and biblical churches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and all over the world.


A unique feature of Hope KL is our Life Groups (LG) : A group of people gathering in one place to learn about the Word of God and to fellowship with one another.

LG centres on the people, where we care for one another’s needs, pray for each other, help and support one another with our gifting and abilities, and share the good news with others. We also organise fun-filled activities that you definitely should never miss such as a one-day trip to another nearby state, one wole day of outdoor games and even cooking competition! We are situated all over in KL! Whether you are a student or a working adult, you will not feel left out; we have categorised the groups into student LGs, working adult LGs and family LGs with different languages too.